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Car Caravan for Safe Reopening for Philly Schools

Friday November 13, 2020 at 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm | 440 N. Broad Street

Organized by:

Caucus of Working Educators


440 N. Broad Street
440 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA + Google Map


UPDATE: Due to ongoing #CountEveryVote protests in downtown Philadelphia today and tomorrow, we have decided to postpone the Car Caravan until NEXT FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH AT 4PM. We do not make this decision lightly, since SDP’s announcement to postpone reopening for staff by 1 week does absolutely nothing to address safety concerns. However, with all eyes on the convention center right now, we want to make sure that Philly’s demands for a safe reopening are heard as clearly as our votes are.
Let’s use this extra week to make sure even more school staff, parents, and students join us to stand up against SDP’s unsafe plan! Thank you and see you at the convention center tomorrow.
– – –
Despite growing evidence that Philly schools will not be able to reopen safely, the School District of Philadelphia continues to push ahead with their plan for Pre-K to 2nd Grade students to return to in-person learning at the end of November, with staff returning November 9th.
Join concerned school staff, families, and community members for a CAR CARAVAN FOR SAFE REOPENING FOR PHILLY SCHOOLS on Friday 11/6 at 4:00pm at 440 N Broad.
NO ONE can return to Philly schools until it is safe for everyone. Anything less is putting the lives of students, families, and staff at risk.
– – –

*What is the Route?*
3:30-4:00pm: We will meet in the Fresh Grocer parking lot in Progress Plaza on Broad and Oxford. Please get there early, as we want to be leaving the parking lot by 4pm sharp!
4:00pm: We will then drive down Broad St as a continuous caravan. This is our time to honk, rattle noisemakers, shout through megaphones, and wave our signs! During the caravan, please turn put your blinkers/hazard lights to help the group stay together.
4:30pm: Arrive at the School District Headquarters at 440 N. Broad St. Participants should park in the right two lanes (the parking lane and right traffic lane), while leaving the left lane open for passing traffic.

*What happens then?*
Once at 440 N. Broad, we will make some noise! Students, Parents, and Staff Speakers will share their perspectives from the sidewalk outside of 440 beginning shortly after we’ve arrived. Participants can either leave their cars to assemble in front of the building, or stay in their cars and listen to speakers via facebook live broadcast. All participants should make sure to wear masks and practice safe social distancing.

*What if I’m on foot/bicycle?*
Anyone joining by foot or should plan to join us at 4:30pm at 440. If you are biking, feel free to follow us from Broad and Oxford alongside the cars.

*What should I bring?*
Noisemakers, signs, megaphones…get creative! We will also have sign-making materials available before the caravan begins.
*Do you have any sign ideas?*
-Classes Online until Cases Decline
-Hey SDP, how many kids are you willing to risk?
-I am a ______ and my life is NOT expendable
-Face to Face is Not Safe
-Admins lie. People die.
-We won’t die for SDP
-Share your own in the comments!

Please email safephillyschools@gmail.com with any questions or ideas!
Have you signed the petition to keep Philly students, families, and staff safe? Sign today at bit.ly/safephillyschools!
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