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Community for Change: Rally Day & Car Parade

Sunday October 11, 2020 at 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | Eastern Montgomery County


Community for Change Rally Day & Car Parade will rally together Eastern Montgomery County’s community members, organizations and leaders who are committed to the substantive change that will bring social justice to our communities.
Peaceful rallies will take place throughout the day at multiple times and locations with a parade of cars moving between.
You can start the car parade with us at the pep rally (where we will have signs and supplies to decorate your car), jump onto the parade at any Rally Stop (parade leaves at the end time of the rally) or join us for the Rally in your neighborhood!


  • Pep Rally
    DeKalb St & Schuylkill Ave
  • Norristown
    Swede & Powell Sts
  • Eagleville
    Ridge & Park Aves
  • Conshohocken
    East Hector & Lee Sts
  • King of Prussia
    Henderson Rd & DeKalb St

Masks will be required as well as social distancing at all rally stops.

Please continue to check this event page for more details and information to come about the event.

Follow us: https://www.instagram.com/communityforchangerallyday/

The following is a growing list of co-sponsors of this event. These individuals and organizations have taken the ‘Community for Change Pledge’ and are active partners in creating change in Montgomery County.

  • Amanda Cappelletti, Democratic Nominee State Senate
  • Black People Revolutionizing Montgomery County
  • CoaliciĆ³n Fortaleza Latina PA
  • Colonial Anti Racism & Social Equity Task Force
  • Conshy Cares
  • Greater Norristown N.A.A.C.P
  • Lansdale Equality Coalition
  • Mark Barbee, Mayor of Bridgeport
  • Mary Jo Daley, State Representative
  • Montco Activists United
  • Montgomery County, Pa Workers Coalition
  • Movement for Black and Brown Lives of Montgomery County
  • Noah Marlier, Montgomery County Prothonotary
  • PA Women Rise
  • Peace War
  • Progressive Montco
  • PW Activists
  • SAGA Community Center
  • Tim Briggs, State Representative
  • UM for BLM
  • United Men of Color Association
  • Upper Merion Area Democratic Committee
  • Upper Merion for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

If you or your organization would like to stand in solidarity with our coalition please contact Stephanie at coachstephvincent@gmail.com

We the people of Montgomery County recognize that Black lives matter, as do the lives of all indigenous people and people of color. We acknowledge that our nation has fallen short on many levels in affirming this basic truth. We come together with the purpose of creating change that starts in our local communities and that will bring social justice, equity and basic human rights to all people.

Therefore, we demand that the following organizations and institutions that serve our community must be proactive in making substantive internal changes in service of that purpose.

  • Police departments & other Public Health and Safety Departments
  • Local Government & Criminal Justice Systems
  • Public Schools & Educational Institutions
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Community & Human Service Organizations

Each of these institutions are charged to immediately:

  • Investigate current practices, policies, procedures, training and curriculum & their effect on Black, indigenous and people of color.
  • Revise or remove practices, policies, procedures, training and curriculum that actively or passively harm or exclude Black, indigenous & people of color.
  • Develop new practices, policies, procedures, training and curriculum that actively promote diversity, inclusion, equity and representation of Black, indigenous & people of color.
  • All investigations, revisions and development should include participants from every level of the organization, the community served, and Black, indigenous and people of color; and be done with complete transparency.
  • Institute a no-tolerance policy for racism and hate speech for those who represent the organization in any capacity, regardless of time or place of incident.

We as a coalition of individuals and organizations will hold these institutions accountable for failure to act upon these demands for change and subsequent follow-up.

We are members of the Community for Change because we can no longer tolerate injustice, ignorance and failure to act. We seek the changes in our local community in service of making this country, the United States of America, a place that is truly fair and equal for all people.