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Defund The Police, Fund Our Communities Tax Day Action

Wednesday July 15, 2020 at 9:00 am - 9:00 pm | Online and around the city

Organized by:

Amistad Law Project


Online and around the city


On Tax Day, July 15th join us in rejecting the city budget and telling Mayor Kenney and City Council that we want our tax dollars to #FundCareNotCops. Giving the police department $720 million dollars while defunding critical community institutions and social services is unacceptable.

While a budget was passed last week, the budget battle is far from over. The revenue part of the budget is set, but the spending part of the budget (including money allocated for the police) can be changed at any point during the year.

Take creative action with us to heighten the visibility of the movement to #DefundThePolice in every corner of our communities and put city officials on notice. Make a banner that you can hang on your home, somewhere in your neighborhood, and/or in the city. You can also raise visibility by sidewalk chalking the movement’s demands. Take a picture of your creative action (or several!) and post it on social media using the hashtags #DefundThePolice and #FundCareNotCops. Don’t forget to tag @PhillyMayor, Council President @Darrell_Clarke, and your city councilperson to build pressure on them to reallocate resources from the police budget and fund our communities.

What are some effective slogan ideas?
Topline Demand: Defund The Police
Other Slogans:
We Reject The Mayor’s Budget! Defund The Police!
Fund Care Not Cops
Fund Our Communities! Defund The Police!
Fund Philly! Defund The Police!
Black Lives Matter! Defund The Police!
Fund Black Futures. Defund The Police!