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UPDATED: Fishtown March Against Police Brutality

Sunday June 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm | Frankford and Girard Ave

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Frankford and Girard Ave
Frankford and Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA + Google Map

IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM THE MARCH ORGANIZER:After some discussion with my community, I’ve decided not to march today, at least not under these terms. I am going to take a step back and make sure that black voices are being heard, and not drowned out by my personal wants. I would appreciate it if you removed this posting, though much love to anyone who ends up attending that march anyway.”

On Tuesday, our neighborhood made headlines because a minority of our community marched through our streets to intimidate protesters and support the police. Together, we will send a message that we are not intimidated, and our neighborhood supports values the lives of our black and minority populations, here, across Philly, and across the nation.

We will be peacefully marching on Sunday at 2 PM to oppose the systemic brutality with which our police force conducts itself, and in support of similar protests across the nation. We will meet at Frankford and Girard at 2 PM, then walk up Girard to Norris street, then up Norris street to Frankford, down Frankford to Delaware Ave, then up to Penn Treaty Park, where we will conclude our march.


– This is a peaceful march. Do not bring any weapons.
– Wear a mask and maintain a 6 foot distance from your peers.
– March in the middle of the road, allowing room for cars to pass. We will not win anyone to our cause by inconveniencing drivers.

Our Demands

1. **End qualified immunity**, and prosecute police officers for their behavior.
2. **End civil forfeiture**, and remove the profit motive from police work.
3. **End police unions**, which are used to organize police against the people.
4. **End the use of military-grade equipment**, and disarm the beat cops.
5. **Introduce a citizen oversight board**, with the power to remove officers.
6. **Reform the police**: introduce a code of conduct focused on community improvement, de-emphasizing the use of force in everyday police work, and re-train the police force.