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Kill the Bill Speak Out & Block Party

Saturday September 5, 2020 at 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm | César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden

Organized by:

César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden


César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden
427 Arlington Street Philadelphia, PA + Google Map

Join us on Saturday 9/5 at our KILL THE BILL Speak Out and Socially-Distanced Block Party! Please wear a mask and practice social distancing. There will be food, speakers, kids activities, and a dance performance by Aztec dance troupe, Kalpulli Kamaxtle Xiuhcóatl, who will be dedicating artists the garden’s newest sculpture during the event.
Our weekly free food distribution will begin around noon.


Anthony Patrick, Iglesias Gardens
Josh Reaves, Philly Socialists
Puchi DeJesus, Philly Boricuas
Ellis Ferrell, Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club
John Scott, Riverwards L+I Coalition


Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez is trying to pass a developer-forward bill to allow for Scannapieco Development, whose recent projects include “ultra-luxury” condos in Rittenhouse, to build 55 new duplexes in a 3-square block radius and a 15-story luxury tower on Berks and American Street. The bill introduced a zoning overlay to allow for 5-story condos to be built on tiny parcels in this neighborhood of mostly 2-story row houses, many of which have already been seriously damaged by new construction. If this bill passes, long-time residents will be displaced, gardens and green spaces will be destroyed, and the neighborhood will be gone.
The Zoning Bill:

What it does:

Applies a developer-friendly zoning to a newly created “Berks and American Overlay District”, specially created by Councilperson Sanchez to allow for denser apartment buildings, including a 15-story tall apartment building in the neighborhood with no input from the community and no zoning variance hearings.

What we want:

Affordable housing that is ACTUALLY affordable to current residents. The AMI should be based on Kensington, not the Greater Philadelphia Area. We want the deal with Scannapieco immediately canceled. Kensington is NOT Center City. We do not need anymore luxury condos in our neighborhood. Preserve parks, gardens, and open green space. This goes for green public spaces, as well as residents’ side yards and gardens.