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Open-Air Meeting on Driving Out the Fascist Regime: Why Now?

Sunday July 19, 2020 at 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Matthius Baldwin Park

Organized by:

Refuse Fascism Philly


Matthius Baldwin Park
423 N 19th St Philadelphia, PA + Google Map


Join the Philly chapter of Refuse Fascism for an open-air, socially distanced open meeting to discuss this historic moment we’re living through, what is to be done, to help shape and get involved in Refuse Fascism’s plans.

America is at a serious crossroads. A fierce struggle for the future is underway. Trump is campaigning on openly celebrating and defending the Confederacy, with a clear message that he will unleash the violence of the police and military and his heavily armed MAGA shock troops against the movement for Black Lives. This isn’t an election campaign, this is a campaign for the consolidation of fascism. They will not accept a loss at the polls as legitimate.

What we’ve seen with concentration camps on the border, the blood of tens of thousands of Covid-19 deaths on the hands of this regime, the stripping of rights from women and from LGBTQ people, the reassertion of virulent white supremacy, and so much more in the last 4 years is just the beginning.

Should we fail to take to the streets and stay to win, do not for a second think that the fascist agenda of the Trump/Pence regime could not become the law of the land. But the last four weeks of sustained protest has also shown us that another future is possible – if the demand that Trump and Pence must go now becomes a part of the great rising in the streets against police murder of Black people. Without going all the way to driving out the Trump/Pence regime, the movement for Black lives and every struggle for justice will be crushed.

The upsurge of struggle for Black Lives matters a great deal. It must continue to broaden and deepen its determination to win, which includes acting on the recognition that an avowed white supremacist regime poses a mortal threat to Black people and must be driven from power. Refuse Fascism, since its founding has recognized and struggled for the understanding that at the core of the fascist regime is white supremacy. Along with hatred of immigrants and women and differently gendered people, these form a triad of the fascist program that must be opposed.

At this crossroads, what will you do? Will you continue to accept a fascist America? Will you listen to those who urge waiting until November for an election that may not come, or working within the normal channels that are being shredded by a regime that sees this as their last chance to consolidate power. Or will you seize on our power in the streets and raise the demand Trump/Pence Out Now? Dangerous regimes all over the world are driven out by the people in sustained, non-violent protest demanding the removal of the regime and refusing to go home until their demand is met.

To stop an American fascism that threatens the very future of humanity and the planet, the necessary demand is Trump Pence Out Now! This is a moment to seize. Let us change the course of history, not for ourselves alone but for all humanity.

This nightmare must end.
The Trump/Pence regime must go.