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Philadelphia: No war anywhere, Russia out of Ukraine, No to NATO

Sunday March 6, 2022 at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm | Dilworth Park


This is a Peace Vigil; We will rally and hear a couple of speakers, and display signs for passing motorists, passersby and any media we are successful and getting out. Then we will proceed, as a group, hopefully there will be enough of us to March to the Federal Building to meet up with another group that will be rallying at across from the liberty bell.. Let’s all hope for good weather.. Unless the weather is super bad this will go on rain of shine so cheak the weather forcast and dress appropriatly. Here is our platform:

This conflict has no military solution. Pro-peace Americans should press their representatives to call for diplomacy not military escalation.

Peace Action condemns the deployment of Russian troops into the Donbas and calls for all parties to implement an immediate ceasefire. We have long opposed these types of illegal and unilateral military interventions, often by our own U.S. government, as fundamental threats to a more peaceful world. Our hearts go out to all those threatened by this violence.

This intervention risks escalation and a catastrophic war. Now, while the window for diplomacy may be narrowed, we call on all parties to rally and redouble efforts to seek a diplomatic solution. We agree with President Biden’s recognition that U.S. troops do not belong in the conflict.

Ultimately we believe that once a settlement is reach one of our next objectives will be to disband NATO and work toward a new international security order that includes the security needs of every country.