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Sit Down for Democracy

Tuesday November 3, 2020 at 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | Convention Center

Organized by:

Philly Thrive


Convention Center
1101 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA + Google Map


An amazing amount of people cast their ballot before Election Day this year! And there’s an amazing amount of organizing happening across Philly to support democracy on Election Day- from staffing the polls to making sure voting places are free of intimidation & full of joy to giving neighbors rides & reminders!

Another critical piece of this election is to insist on a democratic result, or that every vote be counted.
If you are someone who’s not already filling a role on Election Day, someone who’s not going to work in order to participate in this historic day, or someone who’s planned role on Election Day will happen earlier/later in the day → Come join us to SIT DOWN FOR DEMOCRACY.

We will hold the sit-in from 9am-5pm, because Americans can’t work if our democracy doesn’t. Come out all day or any amount of time you are able to.

We are using the tactic of a sit-in to counter the narrative that protestors are irrational, dangerous fringe groups. What we want is simple & extends across political parties: we want true democracy. We are everyday Americans from all backgrounds, with all different experiences with voting. We know democracy was advanced by past generations through organized, nonviolent action, so we are playing our part in 2020.

Additional details: Wear a mask or face covering and plan to practice social distancing by sitting 6 feet from others. Bring something comfortable to sit on, if you can. Bring snacks & water and dress for the weather. Bring anything fun to do throughout the day if you’d like (music to play, etc). There will be a PA system for people to share stories about why democracy is important to you.

If your organization wants to be listed on this event as a co-sponsor in order for the event to reach more people, message us! If your organization would consider stepping up to lead another day of the sit-in to keep it going until all votes are counted, message us!

If you want to participate in one of the other vital roles to support democracy on Election Day check out https://www.mobilize.us/OnePA/ or https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/354491/.