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Stand with Us, Against Eviction

Tuesday September 8, 2020 at 6:00 pm - Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 12:00 pm | 2031 Ridge Ave

Organized by:

Philly Housing Now


2031 Ridge Ave
2031 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA + Google Map

JTD: 22nd and the Parkway
Teddy: 2031 Ridge Ave
You all know why we’re camping out: Because we need housing and community!
The city has enough housing for everyone sleeping on the streets in Philly, but that’s something they won’t offer. WEDNESDAY @9am the city is coming to make their 3rd attempt to sweep away the only community we’ve been allowed to have. But we are human beings who should be allowed to advocate and gather!
In the spirit of celebrating that we still exist together today, we’ll be throwing down on the parkway with vibes and drum lines Tuesday night from 6pm-9pm. For those that want to brace with us for the cops to come earlier than scheduled, bring a tent and sleep over with us into Wednesday. There’ll be coffee in the morning, to kick off our protest with some zip.
Here’s what Kenney, the PHA, and the rest of the city don’t get: Most of us can’t tell you about the last time we could sit down at home and have dinner with our families; we don’t have the freedom to give our kid a bath. We’ve been to jail and had years of our lives stolen in prison. We come from places where the issues we inherited in America and ultimately the police have always ripped our communities apart, and this Wednesday they’re coming to do so again to try and keep us broken. We’re not asking for handouts – We’re asking to not be broken yet again by the order of our government, and to be given a real opportunity to build communities that we can finally flourish in.
If you support black and brown lives, if you support those who have been torn down in this broken country, and if you support people’s rights to have their basic life needs met, then come support us.

That support looks like:

  • join us on the ground
    call and ask your congregation, business group and friend’s club to call Mayor Kenney and demand that he agrees to end sweeps and evictions, and commit to a resolution that puts city owned properties in community land trusts this year so that communities can house and build themselves
  • share this message on social media and the web as your self and your business
Peace and Love